Arizer XQ2

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La Champion de On Balance est une balance de poche qui peut peser jusqu'à 500 g avec une précision à 0,1 g près
Pocket Scale - 1000 × 0,1 g
18,75 € 25 €

Après toutes ces années, la mythique balance de poche On Balance conserve toute sa fiabilité et sa précision. Elle est parfaite pour doser vos herbes ou vos concentrés ! La Champion de On Balance pèse jusqu'à 1000 grammes avec une précision à 0,1 gramme près. Elle se glisse dans la plupart des poches et peut être emportée partout avec vous ! 

Capacité : 1000 g, 35,28 oz
Précision : 0,1 g, 0,01 oz
Unités : g, oz, dwt, ozt
Arrêt automatique : 60 secondes
Piles : 2 piles AAA (incluses)
Dimensions : 118 x 80 x 20 mm
Poids : 140 grammes


  • Advanced convection heating
  • Can be used with whip or balloon
  • Optimized air flow
  • High-quality borosilicate glass parts
  • Improved herb bowl
  • Fan with 3 speed settings
  • Air intake filter
  • Dynamic coloured LED lights
  • Programmable temperature pre-sets
  • User-friendly OS
  • Remote control included

Who is the Arizer XQ2 for?

It’s been over ten years since Arizer revolutionized the stationary vape market with their launch of the Arizer Extreme Q. Now it's finally time for its successor – the Arizer XQ2.

After listening to customer feedback, Arizer have made several significant improvements compared to the original. New for the Arizer XQ2 is the innovative coloured LED lights that lets you know its current status, the improved herb glass bowl and the re-engineered air flow, making sure only the purest and tastiest vapour reaches your lips.

The best part about this vaporizer is that it’s designed for everyone - whether you're a seasoned user or just getting started. With plenty of features, fast heating and high-quality parts you can rest assured that if you buy the Arizer XQ2, you will get a stationary vape that will last for years.

When will Arizer XQ2 be available?

The Arizer XQ2 will be available for purchase in November. Sign up your email-address for notification and you will receive an email and a discount code as soon as it's available!

Arizer XQ2

Contenu :

  • Arizer XQ2 vaporizer
  • Power adapter
  • Remote control
  • Herb bowls (2)
  • Glass aromatherapy dish
  • 90-cm whip
  • Glass mini whip
  • Glass balloon mouthpiece
  • Balloon connector
  • Balloon bags (2)
  • Balloon cap
  • Air intake filter
  • Stainless steel stirring tool
  • Dome screen
  • Flat screen
  • Instruction manual
Arizer XQ2


Plus d’information
Chauffage : Convection
Source d'alimentation : Outlet
Fabricant : Arizer
Garantie : 3 years
Pays de fabrication : Canada